Pet Wellness in Studio City

Pet Wellness at Studio City

Veterinary Medical Center believes that preventive care is the foundation of a pet’s well-being. Therefore, we strongly recommend comprehensive wellness exams for all of our patients, regardless of age, at least once a year. Pet exams are beneficial because they allow us to address unique health care needs and catch illnesses in their early stages. The sooner an illness is detected, the sooner we can treat it. We also recommend vaccinations and parasite control as part of your pet’s wellness regimen to offer protection from potentially serious diseases.

The Purpose of Pet Wellness Exams

Your pet’s wellness examination serves as an opportunity for our team to establish a relationship with you and your pet. It also helps us to learn about his/her personality, home environment, and other important information. During the exam, we perform a nose-to-tail assessment and develop a health profile to be used as a baseline for future visits. If we detect any abnormalities, we may recommend advanced diagnostics, which may include X-rays and/or laboratory testing.

Behavioral & Nutritional Counseling

Each wellness visit also includes a discussion about your pet’s behavior, appetite, exercise habits, and at-home activities. If you’ve noticed any changes in these areas or have any other concerns, please feel free bring them to our attention. We gladly welcome your questions, and it’s our pleasure to help you and your canine or feline companion in any way we can.

Because we place a strong emphasis on nutrition, we believe this is another fundamental piece of your pet’s overall preventive health program and wellness visits. If necessary, our veterinarians can customize a dietary regimen that takes your pet’s weight, age, food allergies, digestive, or other medical conditions into consideration.
Pet Exams in Studio City


Just like human vaccines, animal vaccines protect pets from diseases by stimulating the body’s immune system to produce antibodies. This is why it’s so important to have your pet vaccinated on a regular basis as part of his/her wellness visits. Vaccination recommendations and schedules vary for each pet and are based on age, breed, and lifestyle, so we can customize a vaccination program for your pet during the wellness visit.

Parasite Prevention

Did you know that some parasites can cause serious or even fatal illnesses in pets? Ticks can lead to Lyme disease, fleas can cause tapeworms, and heartworms (mosquito-borne) can result in a condition that’s simply known as heartworm disease. Heartworms live in an infected animal’s lungs and heart, which can be fatal if not treated. Intestinal parasites, like roundworms and hookworms, can also threaten pets and can even be transmissible to humans. To protect your pet from parasites, we recommend year-round preventive medication. We carry a variety of options in-house and at our online store. We can also perform parasite testing in-house.

If it’s been a while since your pet’s had a wellness visit, contact Veterinary Medical Center at 818-762-3111 to schedule an appointment.