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Veterinarian Near Burbank, CA

Veterinary Medical Center is an AAHA-accredited animal hospital located near Burbank, CA that has lovingly served the pet community for generations. With a compassionate team of veterinarians and supporting staff and ultra-modern technology, our animal hospital is fully-equipped to meet your pet’s needs at every stage of life. And while we pride ourselves on keeping ahead of the curve with our equipment and protocols, what we consider most is important is getting to know you and your animal companion personally and being your trusted family veterinarian for life.

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Services Provided by Our Veterinarians Near Burbank, CA

Dogs and cats don’t stay healthy and happy by pure luck. Caring for them is a major responsibility, and one that we’d love to help you with. Our veterinary services cover all your pet’s essential needs, from preventive care to surgery and palliative care for their senior years, and everything in between.

Why We’re an AAHA Accredited Animal Hospital Near Burbank, CA

Our veterinarians near Burbank, CA and all other members of our team have worked together since 2014 to maintain our animal hospital’s accreditation with the American Animal Hospital Association. We made the conscious decision to pursue accreditation because we wanted to raise the standard of veterinary medicine being provided and give people and their animals the outstanding treatment they deserve.

To remain accredited, we must meet or exceed over 900 diverse standards of practice which cover everything from customer and patient care to cleanliness, handling of controlled substances, surgery safety, and record keeping.

To learn more about our accreditation and how it benefits you and your pet, please call our veterinarians near Burbank, CA at 818-762-3111.