A Higher Standard of Excellence in Pet Care

Veterinary Medical Center has been caring for pets of the Studio City area with compassion and professionalism since 1997. Since then, we’ve held ourselves to a higher standard in veterinary medicine and sought to provide the best possible veterinary care and client service. Pets are family members, and we believe they deserve the high caliber of care that the rest of your family deserves. It was this vision that led to our pursuit of accreditation with the American Animal Hospital Association, also known as AAHA. It was not an easy feat, but we proudly earned our certification in 2014.

What AAHA Is

AAHA is a veterinary organization that was established in 1933 with the sole mission of helping veterinary professionals become more successful in their practice of veterinary medicine. To do this, the association created a list of over 900 standards of veterinary care, including the areas of technology, facility cleanliness, client services, surgery, and record keeping. Any veterinary practice in the U.S. or Canada can volunteer to be evaluated based on these standards to earn the coveted “AAHA accredited” status. AAHA is the only organization that accredits animal hospitals. To date, less than 16% of veterinary practices in the U.S. and Canada hold AAHA accreditation. Once a practice becomes accredited, it must undergo an evaluation on the association’s stringent standards every three years to maintain its accreditation.

How AAHA Benefits You and Your Pet

Because AAHA holds itself to extremely high standards in veterinary medicine, any practice that holds the accreditation status, including Veterinary Medical Center, maintains the same high standards. We abide by AAHA guidelines and position statements because we want to see your companion live a long, happy, healthy life. These guidelines are to equip veterinary professionals with the most up-to-date information in dental care, nutrition, and weight management, among other areas of veterinary medicine. Many of these areas also include information for at-home care, allowing you to be a more informed, responsible pet owner. AAHA accreditation is optional, so our decision to pursue this status indicates our commitment to excellence, both to you and to your pet.

If you would like to learn more about AAHA and how our accreditation benefits you and your pet, view the informational video below by AAHA’s executive director, Dr. Michael Cavanaugh.