VMC Pet Fair Poster


Our 1st Annual Pet Fair is just around the corner on May 3rd! Plan to have a good time as we will be hosting hospital tours, a Pet First-Aid & Pet CPR station for those wanting to learn about pet safety and so much more! Also, we will have food, refreshments as well as many children’s activities taking place throughout the day.


Join us as we explore the various areas of the animal health field and increase your animal knowledge!


  • 3:30pm:  GRAND OPENING!
  • 4:00pm:  1st Guest Speaker: Dr. Karen Sueda, DVM from VCA West Los Angeles
  • 4:30pm:  1st Raffle
  • 4:45pm:  2nd Guest Speaker: Dr. Sam Trivedi, DVM from ASEC
  • 5:00pm:  Pet Costume Contest
  • 5:30pm:  2nd Raffle
  • 5:30pm:  3rd Guest Speaker: Michael Steinberg “The Pet Shrink”
  • 6:00pm:  3rd Raffle
  • 6:30pm:  4th Raffle
  • 6:45pm:  4th Guest Speaker Dr. Alex Werner, DVM from Animal Dermatology Center
  • 7:00pm:  Last Raffle

VMC Pet Fair Speakers

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